Le bianche case di Locorotondo coi caratteristici tetti a "cummersa"
Locorotondo houses have characteristic roofs, called “cummerse”, that fasinate children a lot



It is a village with a special charm that is difficult to describe in words, but impossible not to perceive when you are there. Surely, your children will be playfully overwhelmed if you decide to visit Locorotondo with them.

The round shape of this town makes it a sort of balcony over the magnificent Itria valley: the walk on the belvedere is so suggestive that it is defined “Locorotondo’s sea promenade (lungomare)”, but without sea!

Its houses are white, as characteristic of the area, but there is a peculiarity. In fact, Locorotondo’s buildings do not end with a terrace, useful for enjoying apulian sun, but with small pointed roofs, more suitable for letting the snow slide, which is very, very rare in these parts! The famous “cummerse” are precisely these sloping roofs of the houses, built with the dry technique (like “trulli”) with limestone slabs, called chiancarelle. They give Locorotondo a truly fairy-tale and timeless appearance.

The care of the inhabitants and the Municipality for the historic centre is evident. You will find it decorated in every season: with colourful flowers during summer and with masterful decorations as Christmas approaches. Your children will be thrilled by Locorotondo.

Vista su vigne, ulivi e trulli dal "lungomare" di Locorotondo
Trulli, wineyards and olive trees, seen from Locorotondo “lungomare”


Here are some of the events that animate this town and that will be appreciated by children and teenagers, Locorotondo’s visitors:

  • Locus Festival – concerts by international artists and art performances;
  • Pyrotechnic festival – special effects with light and shapes in which three schools of firework-makers compete, on San Rocco day;
  • Balconi fioriti – challenge between residents of the historic centre for the best floral arrangement on the balcony.
Le stradine di Locorotondo, coi suoi balconcini fioriti
Balcony full of coloured flowers in Locorotondo


To start your visit, park near the square where the Town Hall is located, and from there you can easily reach the most famous gateway to the old city. Then you will see your children with their noses in the air: walking through houses with cummerse and flowered balconies, they feel to be in a fairy world.

Don’t forget to stop and admire these wonders:

  • The old Palazzo Comunale is characterized by a small tower with the clock that originally belonged to the Mother Church.
  • Right next to it is Palazzo Morelli, an ancient noble residence in Baroque style, in which the delightful wrought iron balconies stand out.
  • Not far from there, you can admire the Church of San Nicola. Its simple white facade, with a small rose window and the characteristic pointed roof, hides interesting frescoes on the Saint’s miracles inside.
  • At the ideal centre of the circumference that encloses the village, is the Mother Church (Chiesa Madre). From the outside it looks neoclassical and massive, while inside it is full of Renaissance and Baroque decorations.

Finally, remember to look out onto Locorotondo’s “lungomare” with your children to enjoy the ravishing view over the green Valle d’Itria!

Chiesetta di San Nicola a Locorotondo
San Nicola’s Church in Locorotondo


Here I list some typical dishes of Locorotondo:

  • A cialledde – typical peasant dish made with stale bread dipped in cherry tomato soup and Mediterranean flavourings;
  • U’ tridde – traditional fresh pasta, made with semolina-eggs-pecorino cheese-parsley, seasoned with broth;
  • Broad beans and chicory (fave e cicorie) – the legumes are reduced to a purée and accompanied by sautéed vegetables (Locorotondo broad beans have obtained special recognition as local typical product);
  • Gnumeredde suffuchète – rolls with innards meat, cooked in a pot with tomato, onion and flakes of pecorino cheese (typical of Locorotondo but a bit tricky for children actually).

In addition, you have to appreciate the excellent grilled meat and dairy products from the pastures of the green Valle d’Itria. And don’t forget to toast with Locorotondo DOC white wine!

La fava di Locorotondo, con riconoscimento "Denominazione Comunale"
Broad beans from Locorotondo


To have breakfast with Apulian artisan pastries, I recommend “Caffè Dolce Passione“, even if it is not so close to city centre. You will especially appreciate it if you are a chocolate lover… as every child is!

For lunch, you can go to “Casa Pinto“. In a characteristic corner of Locorotondo historic centre, you will enjoy excellent appetizers with local cured meats and pickles and a good pizza, much appreciated by children.

A very nice experience to do during summer is an apéritif in the vineyard of “Bufano farm“. Among bales of hay, dry stone walls and rows of grapes, enjoy tastings and sips of the Apulian countryside.

For dinner, I would like to propose two alternatives. La Braceria” is a good place for those looking for simple and tasty cuisine, in a nice and well-kept environment. It goes without saying that grilled meat is their main dish. If you want a slightly more elegant and sophisticated restaurant, but still in the name of tradition and informality, go to “U’ Curdunn” instead: you won’t regret it!

Antipasti ricchi a Casa Pinto
Lots of good typical food at “Casa Pinto” bistro


The typical experience to do is to sleep in the characteristic houses, under the famous small roofs. You can then choose “Sotto le cummerse“, a scattered hotel in the historic centre, that allows you and your children to live fully immersed in the daily life of Locorotondo.

For a charming stay, with a touch of luxury, you can experience “Tenuta del Lauro” alternatively. My daughter loved sleeping in a small trullo of her own, communicating with ours. And she enjoyed the pool and whirlpool immensely, thanks to the small number of guests who have access to them. Finally, this Missoni-founded boutique hotel has a heavenly garden and an extraordinary sense of welcome.

(Watch this Reel of mine about Tenuta del Lauro)


While mum and dad enjoy the view of the valley from the bench, children can have fun in the gardens of the municipal park in front of them. 

The small streets and the houses with pointed roofs make Locorotondo look like a fairyland. On Christmastime, moreover, it turns into the village of the elves! The decorations and lights hanging from the balconies and between the houses are so rich that the atmosphere is truly magical. The installations are famous throughout Puglia and there are many visitors who arrive at this time of year.

Locorotondo alleys at Christmas, beloved by children
Locorotondo alleys at Christmas, beloved by children



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